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Leading Edge Products is a network of products and brands designed with the customer in mind. It all started with three founders and an idea. Leading Edge is at the forefront of product ideas and creation. Leading Edge's philosophy is simple: do good and create high quality, affordable products that people need.  
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Apply to become a product tester
  • First Access: Get first access to brand new product.
  • Totally Free: Not only is the program free, but you get the finished products you provided feedback for totally free.
  • Valuable Insight: You have the opportunity to provide valuable insight before, during, and after product development.
Get paid for your ideas
  • Get Paid: If we use your idea, we'll pay you $100 (payment can be made via PayPal or check).
  • Create: Turn your idea you've had for years into a reality!
  • Develop: ​If it's chosen, you can help develop your idea! If you want, continue working with your idea in the beginning stages.
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Frequently Asked Questions
In what ways does Leading Edge focus on the customer?
Leading Edge is extremely committed to customer satisfaction. We do in-depth marketing research, involve customers in all stages of the product development process, partner with customers to create products that are their ideas, and offer product guarantees. 

Will Leading Edge Products really pay me for my ideas?
Yes! We understand what it's like to have great ideas but not have a way to have them come to life. We want to partner with you to make your big ideas a reality.

Is Leading Edge and American Company?
Yes, Leading Edge is located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah.
Contact Customer Support: support@leadingedgeproducts.net
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